YOUR! Colombian Connection

The Wish List


used by permission

Every Missionary has one; his or her long list of the things that would make their work and/or personal life easier. Many never share their list with anyone and most only share part of it. Us? Well, there are some things that we won’t share (like Patty wanting a tummy tuck and lipo…..whoops! Well, actually Darren could use a bit of lipo too), but here is our wish list. Some things are a little crazy and many things faith stretching. Please pray with us about it. God can really surprise you with just what He provides.

We will be adding new things as our needs and sense of humor allows:

I am tired of tripping! Seriously, tripping with my Size 16 Feet!

That is the real and present danger of microphone cables!!! We would really enjoy having a wireless, headset microphone for outreaches and when we are speaking at churches. As an added bonus to not continually tripping, we will likely stop receiving bulk fan mail from siesmic centres across the world!

There is power, power, wondering working power…

Yes, in His blood, the greatest of miracles, but in some of our outreach site there is not, power that is.  We need a generator, one that will put out around 9000 watts.  Cost – $1500.00

– 2 Ti 1:7  For God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. (NKJV)

For a missionary it is very difficult to have a sound mind, being mildly psychotic is part of our job description after all.  However, in the absence of this Biblical perfection, we could really use some more Sound Equipment! We need speakers, amps and enough cables to braid even my hair!

All the world is a stage or so the saying goes, but we don’t have one! A stage that is, we still have a planet – for now.

With our outreaches in shopping centre etc, we frequently need to rent stages for our presentations.  We would love to invest in a solid foundation and be able to take our gear home  with us – exit, stage right!

– Cookies!  We need Canadian Maple Syrup cookies! Why? Because you ALWAYS need cookies!

– PAUL the Tent Maker does not live here and does not work with our ministry,

So we need to some!  Every community outreach requires tents, BIG TENTS, to shelter our people from the sun and frequent rain storms – and NO, contrary to popular opinion, one of my old t-shirts will NOT do the job!

– A European vacation. When Patty prayed for God to send her to London all her life she never imagined that she would end up married to a Canadian from London, Ontario, Canada! Now, feeling somewhat cheated (hopefully not in the husband), she still has her dream of visiting Charles and Camilla; since they are now a respectable God fearing couple. Also, while being in the global neighbourhood, we would like to visit friends and churches in Sweden, Ireland, France, Holla… “OK Patty, enough! I’m running out of room.”

– To be contestants on Extreme Makeover.

– To be in the Amazing Race. We even have the language problem licked for several countries!

– A life time membership to The Hairclub For Men or a really classy mop.

– We need you! No joke.  We really need people like yourself to partner with us financially.  Think of it like sponsoring some REALLY big kids!  For just $40 a month (or as God leads), you can make a big impact in our family, ministry and the nations.  Everything we do is possible because God works through people like you make it possible.  Just click the link and you can do it all online, The McCrea Family – Ultimate Child Sponsorship.