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Project Refuge

Project Refuge – Full details below, after the update.

The 1st floor is finished, the community centre inaugurated and now the second floor begins! In Feb 2023 with the help of a team from Canada, we restarted construction to build new dormitories and a large meeting room on the 2nd floor. Soon, we will have other teams following and we are praying that by the end of year, we will be finished!

The biggest challenge will be putting on the roof, wooden beams, followed by pine slats for decor and warmth and then zinc tiles. Add to that furnishings and we will have completed a multi-year goal.

The next phase will entail an investment of some $40,000. We are praying that God will raise up people and churches that will help us reach our goal. Would you pray about taking on Project Refuge as a personal challenge???

Project Refuge is the expansion of The Refuge Boy’s Home. More than just adding two dormitories for up to 15 more boys, we want to help prevent children from ever having to be taken into long term care.

Neglected, abused and needy children tend to stem from needy families – homes that need intervention before the crisis escalates and send kids into the system or worse; the streets.

Project Refuge is our plan to build a Community Feeding Centre that will also serve to hold parenting workshops and training programs of all kinds.
Imagine being able to feed dozens or even hundreds of children when their families are not able to meet their needs. Then think about being able to teach those same parents life skills, budgeting, help them deal with addictions and so much more!

We can provide many of the workshops through the local church and Colombian Social Services will provide food for the families, all we need is a location to host the programs. And we have the land!!! Project Refuge envisions adding dormitories for the boys, but also building two large meeting rooms (with a sliding wall) bathrooms, offices and an industrial kitchen, all to serve the community.
And the future? We are thinking about that too as the foundations are designed to hold up to 3 floors of construction.

Consider the possibilities! Project Refuge will immediately benefit the boys already in the home, as the part time care givers and professionals from the Refuge will be brought on full time to help care for the community – thus allowing more continuity with their staff.

Our fund raising target? $145,000.00 to build the future. We envision outreach teams helping to come build and donors both large and small, coming together to make this dream a reality.