YOUR! Colombian Connection


Let us introduce you to Pastor Jairo (high ro) and his nomadic church in the town of Saboya, a village close to our ministry projects in Chiquinquira.

Pastor Jairo and his family lead a small church plant in a town that has little evangelical influence. When Covid hit, their church, like so many in Colombia, found themselves fighting to survive. Just in Chiquinquira, 20 of the 25 evangelical churches had to turn in their rented buildings. Some of those may never reopen.


But Pastor Jairo and his family were able to borrow a tent and pitch it on some equally borrowed land, down a long dirt road in the country side. In this humble setting, the church has been worshiping for the last year.

Our prayer and theirs, is that God would provide the way to purchase land on the edge of town. This will allow them to pitch their tent in a stable location until they are able to build and immediately reach out to the community.

We are starting to look at land options even now. No, we do not have the funds. YET! (about 25k), but we feel that God is moving us to help this church become a permanent influence in their community.

We cannot help every church, but maybe we can help one church… and then another… and then???