YOUR! Colombian Connection


Nocaima is a town of some 9000 souls west of Bogota, home of a growing 50 member AOG church that meets in an older, cobbled together structure, that is at least partially falling apart.

Half of the building is a prefab structure made up of stone slabs and roofing tiles that are coming apart at the seams.

Founded in 1605, Nocaima is Colombia’s oldest settlement and is of both historical and spiritual significance. Our goal is to help rebuild this church, piece by piece.

Step one is to demolish the prefab section of the building and put in proper footers, columns and a structure that will eventually allow for a second floor of Sunday School rooms, etc

The immediate benefit is having a larger sanctuary for the cramped congregation.

We are looking for teams to help us work on the church and the funding to rebuild the first section.

Cost – $15,000.00
Account – COL7003, Special Projects